Rooibos for Kids!

The weather is warming and springtime activities are quickly becoming a main staple of our day-to-day. If you’re a parent, spring may indicate busier weekends packed with carpooling to practices, games and tournaments. Shuffling the kiddos to and from extracurriculars becomes especially challenging if you’re also trying to maintain healthy habits. Feeding and hydrating your family on the go is simpler when you have healthy options that you know they’ll enjoy.

What is Rooibos?

Rooibos is a popular tea with a distinctive red color and delicious taste. Rooibos is native to South Africa but known worldwide for it’s many health benefits, not limited to fighting allergies, dermatalogical issues, aiding in digestion, boosting the immune system and easing tension. Flavonoids in rooibos teas and blends contribute antiviral and anti-inflammatory components. Extremely high in antioxidants, very low in tannins and containing no caffeine, this tea is acceptable for anyone to drink at any time of day.

Rooibos is Safe for Kids!

Let your little ones participate in your daily tea treat by brewing  rooibos teas. With no sugars or caffeine and a tenth of tannins in other teas, rooibos won’t wind your kids up only to send them crashing later like so many sodas and other beverages. The natural taste of rooibos is somewhat sweet and savory and doesn’t require extra honey, sugar or additives to appeal to choosey taste buds children so often have. Rooibos has even been used by mothers to satisfy toddlers and colicky babies suffering from allergies.

Let your children indulge in morning or afternoon tea, teaching them how to brew tasty mugs and slowly sip the steaming beverage. The tradition can start in your kitchen and grow into a habit as your family grows. If your brood is known for fun in the sun, then iced rooibos teas are going to be a great fit. Brew your best blend in large quantities and stow in your fridge or icy cold thermoses for sharing in the car, at a game or while playing in the park.

Nature’s Sports Drink

There are plenty of sports drinks on the market that guarantee refreshment and ultimate performance and hydration. The problem is that these so-called healthy drink options often contain ingredients that don’t seem quite as healthy, such as fructose, glucose,  brominated vegetable oil and artificial colors.

Rooibos is packed with plant based phytonutrients and antioxidants that quench thirst naturally and refresh tired bodies. The interesting flavor that keeps adults and children coming back for more. If you absolutely need a sweetener or added flavor, try combining iced or hot rooibos tea with stevia or a bit of almond milk for a nutritious new twist.

Hopefully, keeping plenty of rooibos tea around this spring and summer will help your family stay that much healthier and happier. Getting started is extremely easy since you can order your tea directly from the Hale Tea website! If you’re looking for a tasty start, we might suggest Rising Sun Green Rooibos Tea or Peach Rooibos for a satisfying iced drink!


Teas for Catching Zzzz’s

We’re always eager to share new flavors and fantastic blends to help you wake up and motivate you through your day. You’ve also seen that tea is a community activity as well as a moment of personal reflection. Now, we’ll show you how tea can help you wind down, relax and even fall asleep.

Teas with natural calming qualities encourage relaxation from the inside, out. Tea leaves contain L-theanine, an amino acid that is believed to promote physical and mental relaxation. Although, contemporary research has not reached a point to fully support this idea, the abilities of tea have been taken very serious for many eras of mankind.

Some of you may be concerned about consuming small amounts of caffeine in some teas at the end of your hectic day; we know the las thing you’ll want is to be awake all night! Fortunately, there are options including delicious, hot beverages that will rock you gently into sleep. Herbal teas are an excellent choice for kicking back in the evening and contain no caffeine and plenty of other good-for-you properties.

Below, we’ve listed just a handful of teas available to help you shake of your hectic lifestyle and sink into a quiet evening!

Chamomile tea is probably the most well-known stress-relieving solution. The chamomile flower contains relaxants and antispasmodics that do much more than simply relax you. Chamomile is also often used in the holistic community as a mild pain reliever as well as a digestive aid. Whether your complaint is headache, stress, nausea, pain or mild insomnia, chamomile can alleviate your problems allowing you that bit of quiet and peace you need to curl up and sleep.

Lavender is an excellent component in many herbal blends that actually compliments chamomile quite well. Lavender is often added to teas for it’s soothing effects on the nervous system. The fragrance from lavender alone is a form of aroma therapy that induces a sleep-like calm. A common result of anxiety from a hectic day is an upset stomach. Aromatic lavender calms your digestive functions and soothes your stomach.

Jasmine tea, a fantastic green tea, is another aromatic treat whose scent alone has the power of sedation. Jasmine oil, in fact, is commonly used in aroma therapy to engage a relaxed state. In addition, Jasmine tea has properties that help fight damage done to your body by free radicals. Thus, drinking delicate jasmine tea is an experience that leaves you relaxed, ready for sleep and healthier each evening!

Tea for Every Beginner

By now, you’ve heard about our deliciously fresh flavors and tasty teas and you’re ready to start your own tea routine and reap the enticing stress-relieving and health benefits. Your only qualm, now is that you know nothing about tea preparation. While tea is consumed more than most other beverages in many countries, Americans tend to rank tea lower on their list of desirable drinks. It has been stated that nearly 60% of Americans brew their tea by heating up tea sachets or bags. Perhaps the reason for reduced tea consumption is our on-the-go cultural mentality or a social love of sodas and coffee that turns us off to the few quiet minutes spent brewing quality tea leaves. Perhaps, the intimidation of making tea lies in the lack of information on traditional tea knowledge in America?

We want to help foster your love of the leaf with a few easy guidelines on the correct use of tea leaves. Once you’re informed, tea can become an appreciated pause within a fast-paced lifestyle.


It is recommended that one rounded teaspoon of dry leaves be used for each 6 ounce cup of hot tea. You may adjust the amount of leaves according to leaf density, which varies with each tea type. For instance, fluffier leaves, like those of oolong and white teas, will need twice as many leaves to compensate.


For the best tea, use the best water. Seemingly common sense, the science behind this concept reveals filtered, bottled or spring water has more oxygen that enhances tea taste.


Remember, the finer the tea, the lower the temperature of your water. Black, oolong and herbal teas are sturdier and can be prepared with water that has come to a full, rolling boil while white and green teas should not.

Steep Time

The smaller the tea leaf, the less time you’ll need to infuse the tea with water. All of our teas require 3-5 minutes of steeping time before enjoyment.

Sweeten and Flavor

Before you squeeze generous amounts of honey into your cup, consider a few other options for adding zing to your tea. Real pieces of fruit, fresh berries, lemons, limes, sprigs of mint and even a tiny bit of sugar or milk can boost flavor and naturally sweeten.


Store your teas in cool, dry places at home and at work to preserve vitality. It is safe, and even encouraged, to store tea in the refrigerator or freezer.

For more on tea knowledge and tips, visit here!